The Performance Advantage of Ubuntu

The Performance Advantage of Ubuntu

Are Ubuntu and Linux a good match? What does the world’s most popular operating system have to offer and how can you use it to enhance your web site’s performance?

In some ways, the two operating systems do seem to be a match. They share a common heritage – the Unix-based Unix, of course – and they share the common source code. The most significant difference between the two, however, is in how they handle sensitive information.

Linux is a free and open source operating system that is usually offered with a free CD. On the other hand, Ubuntu is a commercial product that must be purchased and may be limited in what it can do on your computer. Since Ubuntu can be added to your computer as needed, however, you may be able to switch from Windows to Ubuntu if you desire.

Linux, for all its ease of use, is not user friendly. If you are unfamiliar with a command or a concept that will make your website work more smoothly, you could be wasting your time. However, Ubuntu is different. Instead of being a programming project in itself, Ubuntu started out as a graphical desktop environment that was called “Unity.”

When you visit a web site that is hosted on Ubuntu, you are generally presented with a desktop version of the page that you were looking at when you first visited the Internet web site. Most web site pages are now built using the web page builder software. These programs allow people to make their own pages and add web content in a variety of different languages.

Ubuntu also has its own file system. You can view your home folder in a browser window by clicking on the desktop icon. Files that you create in this same folder can be viewed by anyone who has access to the internet. When you add files to your home folder using the internet, you can use tools such as “Gedit” to edit these files.

With the use of the Internet web site and similar tools, you can add and remove files as well as to replace existing files. As with all things that you add to the Internet, there is a small risk of compromising security. Nonetheless, Linux can be installed to a “USB flash drive” or even copied to a floppy disk for quick access. It has also been said that these drive types are safer than hard drives since viruses can’t be stored on the drives and the contents cannot be easily erased.

In this way, Ubuntu and Linux can be used to improve the performance of web sites, in much the same way that you would improve the performance of any other software application that you install on your computer. Your web site performance will improve in ways that you have probably never thought possible.

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