The Life and Works of Johann Friedrich Schatzberg

The Life and Works of Johann Friedrich Schatzberg

Technology is one of the most important terms in today’s world. It has become so important that it has become part of how we live. When we think of technology, what we usually think of is computers, telecommunications, transportation, medicine, etc. Although technology is so important today, we sometimes overlook the less known aspects of technology. Technology is actually the collective term for a number of human endeavors, including communication, education, power generation, and business.

In German, there is a term referred to as technologie which means “technical arts.” This term was actually first used by Johann Friedrich Schatzberg, who was a Prussian scholar and inventor. Technologie was created in Germany to provide an alternative to traditional higher education. Schatzberg saw the futility of traditional higher education and therefore sought to create an educational system that would be less rigid and more flexible, as well as more productive for the German people.

According to Schatzberg’s philosophy, technical and skilled workers were necessary for the economic development of the German nation. Because of this, he created the term “techne” which was a combination of the words “tech” and “arts.” According to Schatzberg, the combination of these two words represents the idea that human artisans should develop new means of producing technical items and that these new means should be employed in order to progress the German economy. By using the term techne, Schatzberg hoped to encourage technological growth and development.

In his treatise, Technne, Johann Friedrich Schatzberg divided all human activity into three categories. These categories included mechanical arts, political economy, and Analytical category. He further explained that each of these three categories required its own specialized form of investigation and innovation. Therefore, in order to progress, one must determine which category will prove most useful and then build on that.

It is therefore easy to see how the works of Johann Friedrich Schatzberg, in particular his treatise called Technne, have exerted an enormous influence on the thinking of the twentieth century. After reading his work, many twentieth-century thinkers, like thinker Karl von Clausewitz and Sir Alfred Wallace, were inspired to apply some of his ideas into their own writing. Other thinkers, such as American philosopher John Rawlinson, also found key concepts and ideas in Technne to further their own work.

In addition to being the founder of one of the most influential works on technology, Johann Friedrich Schatzberg was also a very accomplished musician, has composed hundreds of pieces of music. Additionally, he was a skilled engineer, designer, textile manufacturer and industrial entrepreneur. As you can see, despite his designation as a “droid,” technology itself plays a large role in his life and work, as does the role of an artist and innovator.

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