The Benefits of the Internet

The Benefits of the Internet

The Internet has been around since the mid-1990s, but only recently has it started to impact people’s daily lives in a significant way. You might have heard about social networking websites, blogs, search engines, or even telecommuting by your Internet service provider. However, there are other ways the Internet affects people every day – in the workplace and at home. These five ways the Internet affects us all make it one of the most valuable and dynamic mediums ever created.

Communication Time Sharing Systems: The Internet provides a platform for time-sharing systems. Internet time-shares are computer networks established over a local area network (LAN). Internet time-shares are used by computer-connected devices to synchronize their data with the Internet. This is analogous to being able to “talk” to someone on the telephone or Internet relay.

Email: Email has become an important means of communication for people of all ages and from all walks of life. The Internet allows you to send and receive messages in real time, even while you are away from your computer. It is also a good way to stay connected to business associates and colleagues. Many businesses offer online email services, sometimes referred to as a fax machine, to their clients. An Internet fax can be sent to any fax number in the world at the same time, saving time and money by not having to go to each office to make a local copy.

File Sharing: File sharing is a relatively new phenomenon among computer networks, but it is fast becoming the most popular method of sharing large files. Many computers are now capable of supporting the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, which lets two or more computers to share large files without needing to be connected to each other directly. This saves money on storage space, since many files can be stored on a single device instead of on a computer.

Social Networking: The Internet has made it easy to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Even those who do not use the Internet regularly can keep in touch because the Internet provides an instant social network. This can be accomplished through sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Sites like Xanga are also starting to provide this kind of service. The Internet has certainly opened up many opportunities for socialization.

The Internet has brought so many useful services into the lives of Americans that they rarely think twice about how well it has done. Even those who are reluctant to give the Internet another chance are finding that it does live up to its extravagant billing. Today, everyone knows someone who uses the Internet, and even those who are not Internet savvy are somewhat familiar with many of the available services. All that remains is for individuals and companies to take advantage of these wonderful tools.

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