Software Applications for Personal Computer (PC)

Software Applications for Personal Computer (PC)

Software applications are programs developed to perform a specific function on the computers using the computers. The functions they can perform vary from having the capability to browse the web, to opening up an email, or playing a video. They are also capable of being installed on the computers either manually or automatically. Software applications can run directly from the computers or they can be installed on the computer’s hard drive. An application may also be written to run as a series of scripts or to load other applications.

A software application is basically a computer program made to perform a specific job other than one just related to the functionality of the computer itself, usually for use by end-users to perform tasks. Examples of such software applications include a web browser and a spreadsheet application. There are different types of such applications. Amongst the most common types of such programs are desktop management systems, gaming software applications, productivity applications and system software.

Desktop management systems manage computer tasks that are performed with the mouse, keyboard, pointing devices or even devices connected through a wireless network. This is the type of application software most often used for controlling the desktop computers connected to the system. In addition, it is very useful for controlling specific tasks like inputting a document, moving a window, or controlling other desktop applications. Examples of such software applications for managing the desktop are Administrative Assistant, Access, Alarm Setup, Backupper, Beekeeper, Br Camel, Cetoro, DerbyPanel, Diigo, eProx, FAP Turbo, Forex Auto Pilot, Kaspersky, MyNetTV, Newspring, Panda Mail Order Replicator, Planko, QuickBooks Online, RealTime TV, ServicePrene, Synchronizing Email, Telephone, TurboSpire, Unison, Wordperfect Turbo, and Yamllo.

Gaming personal productivity software programs are designed specifically for games and web-related tasks. These applications can be installed on personal computers that support the Win 98 or higher operating system. Examples of such games and activities include the Abalone, Antispyware, Caribbean Casino, Chicken Valley Poker, Diner Dash, FarmVille, Flashfire, I Spy, King of the Hill, Lost Marbles, Mystical Ninja, Poker Face, Solitaire, Sportsbook, Time bomb, Ultimate Spiderman, and Virtual Solitaire. These activities make use of advanced technology and sophisticated graphics that require high-end personal computers.

Applications such as presentation software, web browsers, and photo and image editing software are also available for web browsers. These application software are used widely by businesses and individuals for making presentations and editing images. Web browsers are useful for browsing the Internet and for performing online tasks such as checking the availability of a particular service, checking the latest news or weather data, or for surfing the Net and playing online games. It is used as well for viewing files on the Internet, sending email, and playing computer games.

The user interface is one of the most important aspects of a software application and forms the basis of its function, functionality, and features. The user interface is defined in terms of the most logical and standard ways of doing things on the software application, regardless of the hardware and software on hand. It refers to a layout of elements on the screen, which the end user will view when he uses the application. This part of a software program helps the end user to control and manipulate tasks in the computer system.

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