Raspberry Pie – What You Need to Know

Raspberry Pie – What You Need to Know

Raspberry Pi is an open source software designed to play and teach games. Raspberry Pi can be programmed in a variety of different ways and use the same tools as PC and Mac programs.

Contains software that plays video games in a graphical form. The good thing about Raspberry Pi is that it runs on any Windows based computer or it can be run on a Linux platform. It is built to run on the same hardware like desktop computers.

Hardware used in this computer are ARM11 based processors. To be compatible with the Raspberry Pi, the video cards should be of the same type. It can support up to 4K resolution. It is made to play Minecraft, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Tetris, Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Word Spread, Realm and Freecell among others.

These days, the Raspberry Pi is becoming popular for many reasons. For one, it is a perfect fit for education because it has been created for an educational purpose and with great features.

For game developers, this device can be a viable option. For one, it has a decent GPU that is capable of running high quality games.

If you want to know the details of Raspberry Pie, you have to go through online. There are websites that provide detailed information about the Raspberry Pi. Before making any decision, you should spend time to read the details and get yourself acquainted with the features of the device.

Raspberry Pi is manufactured by Raspberry Pi Limited in the United Kingdom. This company has the ability to manufacture customized computers with an aim to provide features that can be helpful to people who are into the field of gaming.

Raspberry Pie’s screen is optimized for use with LCD screens. The major thing that users need to be concerned about the screen quality. Sometimes, the screen is colored blue or cyan and can not be seen when brightening the room.

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