Easy Tips to Upkeep Your Commercial Printers

Easy Tips to Upkeep Your Commercial Printers

Your office printer has a significant role in completing tasks in your business. Commercial printers have a big capacity that losing one can be difficult for the operations. Thus,routinely applying basic maintenance measures is significant to keep it working as it should. To ensure that you are doing the correct steps, below are some useful and easy tips to assist you in maintaining this equipment:

  1. The ideal location of the commercial printer.

Be extremely cautious where you place your office printer. The maximum performance depends on how it is utilized and where you locate it. Note that heat and an excessive amount of dampness contribute to affecting its performance. Thus, avoid placing it in areas where there is direct sunlight. 

  • Always clean your printer.

As a precise machine, it is important to consistently keep your office printer cleaned and tidied. It is basic upkeep, but very essential not to be underestimated. Note that dirt is commonly the reason behind most printer issues. Since your commercial printer is important to everyday tasks in your business, you would prefer not to be baffled by printer issues. And so, make sure that it is clean. Utilize a handheld vacuum for cleaning the printer and not a packed air blower. Ultimately, you should clean it every day and keep it covered after business hours or when not utilized.

  • Delicately operate your office printer.

The printing equipment is a sophisticated machine. Do not bang when having performance issues. Do not let your stress take over. Make sure that any paper jams are handled carefully. When you experience this, just gently pull the jammed paper out and check to see what is blocking the feeder.

  • Look out for the ink nozzles.

The printer’s ink nozzles are a delicate part of the printer, too. It could be clogged by dust. As a result, your office printer can have performance issues. This happens when the dirt prevents the ink from properly flowing. This does not only affect the documents you print but also the internals of the machine. It is also important to not leave your ink nozzles to dry up. This has the same results as clogging. To make sure that this does not happen, make sure to run your printer at least once a week.

  • Keep your printer drivers and firmware updated.

Printer manufacturers often have system updates. These are important for the drivers and the firmware of the printing equipment because they can contribute to improving its performance.

  • When not in use, turn it off.

Turn your commercial printers off when not in use. While it can survive for being turned on for a long time, it is also important to let it rest by shutting it down. Especially after business hours, during weekends, or holidays, your printing machine should be off. These are also easy steps that you can routinely apply to maintain the quality and performance of your commercial printer. You will surely avoid unnecessary and unexpected repairs, which means you avoid delays and repair costs. For a free consultation for office printer repair or office printer service, call us today.

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